Peppermill - Mulberry

Beautiful hand-turned Mulberry wood with an old fashioned gear-crank brass pepper mill.  Peppercorns are contained within the belly of the mechanism.  The knob at the top of the mechanism adjusts for a coarse to fine grind.  The wood has been turned into an appealing slender barrel shape that fits nicely in the hand, accentuating the wood grain.

Mulberry heartwood (the center of the tree) is a golden brown, darkening to a medium reddish brown with age. It has a good, natural luster. It is a popular wood for wood turning because it is both durable, and responds well to both hand and machine tools. It takes well to a nice finish, too. Mulberry is perhaps better known for the edible fruit, and the leaves of the white Mulberry are the primary food source for the silkworm, which uses it to produce silk!

These hand turned pepper mills are carefully counter-sunk so that the mechanism sits flush with the wood.  Solid construction with beautiful, high quality wood.

These make wonderful gifts, or make a great conversation piece!  The pepper mill is approximately 8 inches high and 4 inches wide and its widest.  The wood base is approximately 2.5 inches wide.  

Custom requests welcome.

Peppermill - Mulberry

SKU: 000003
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