About the Artist

Helene Roylance is an artist in the San Francisco East Bay Area.  She enjoys hand painted ceramics and watercolor.  Her husband enjoys wood working and also creates pieces for Lumpy Doodles.    


What is "Lumpy Doodles"?

Lumpy Doodles began as exactly that – doodles of Lumpy, the stray cat.  One day after my husband and I had fed Lumpy breakfast, as we watched him amble away my husband said “I wonder where he goes all day?”  Seeing that he was walking toward a horse farm that abuts our neighborhood, I said “Obviously to wrangle horses all day.”  That idea spawned the first Lumpy Doodles piece, a ceramic platter depicting the adventures of Lumpy, our beloved stray kitty that adopted us.  From there, Lumpy Doodles expanded beyond whimsical takes on traditional designs, into bright brilliant designs and personal custom pieces.


Where Can I Find Your Work?

Before social restrictions, I could be found every month at various art festivals around the East Bay Area.  I will keep an updated list HERE when schedules start to get back to normal.  I also have pieces in the tasting room at Charles R Vineyard, ceramics at the Fremont Art Association gallery (check out their online store HERE!) and both paintings and ceramics at the Livermore Art Association Gallery located at 2155 3rd Street in Livermore,CA.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing for my ceramics depends on the size of the piece and the level of complexity.  I may create two bowls that are the same size, but have different pricing due to the level of detail that went into them.  For commissions, I try to be upfront about costs before any work is done, discussing what size and type of piece, and what degree of complexity will go into the design. 

For example, for pet portraiture, when I do a cartoon likeness on one of my small plates, the price is the same as if you just bought one of my little plates.  ($13.50).  However if I do one of the more realistic designs, the price starts at $18. 

Will You Work on Commission For Exposure?

As the saying goes, I'd love to work for exposure, but thousands of artists die of exposure every year.  My art is my work, and I put a great deal of time and effort into every project I do.  I have donated my time to certain community projects, or in one case bartered for a case of wine, but in general I place value on the work and art that I do.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in advance.  

Upcoming Shows

Check back regularly for updates. Whenever possible, I will also send out notices via subscriptions!