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MiaMixesMedia, And She Does It Flawlessly!

When I first encountered Mia's art, I was struck by the crisp geometry mixed with fluid organic feel to them. They are mesmerizing. I was first drawn in by the gently swaying branches. It felt like you were lying on your back, looking up through the swaying canopy. The branches and leaves look and feel is so distinct.

When you view them on her instagram @Miamixesmedia, you can see this evolution of ideas, as she dives into a theme, teasing it out over several pieces in feel and color. And then you see those elements again, but re-imagined into a new design, with an entirely different feel.

You can check out some of her designs on merchandise in her Society 6 and Threadless pages. Can't you just feel the breeze through the leaves?

Each design element has a series of works where it is center focus, and then a point where she has woven that element into another, differently complex composition. The leaves become filtered through the sharp frame of what feels like a stained glass window.

It's not enough that the art itself is so polished, her media pics of her own work make it look like yet another mixed media piece!

If you can't tell, I really enjoy her work.

They are stained glass windows in some hallowed place, they are just breathtaking. Don't believe me? GO LOOK and see for yourself.

She's truly talented, her photography gallery is something you consume, not just view. The textures, colors, patterns, and light are spectacular.

She sells her artwork, and also takes commissions.

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