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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The last few years I have tried to do my gift shopping at the events that I do, so that I'm giving a truly one of a kind gift, something unique that can't be picked up at a big national department store. Something hopefully thoughtful, different, and useful! With sheltering in place, and many events being canceled, I thought I might promote some of those vendors I miss, in case anyone is looking for great ideas to shop local in these strange times.

I admit, I never thought of myself as a fancy soap person. I met the Soapgeek duo at a few events that I do, and of course noticed the beautiful display that they have. Stacks of crisp, enticing squares of soap - colorful, fragrant, textured. I loved the aesthetic of their display, and the wide variety of really unique, compelling scents! They just smelled so good. I ended up buying a bunch as gifts, and several for myself.

I absolutely love them! The scents are bright and wonderful to wake up to. My favorite is Copal, though I love every one that I've used. They offer a little netting bag that makes each bar like a loofah.

I came to find out that they had attended an event where my little plates were for sale, and they use some of my dishes to display some of their items at events! I think I should start making soap dishes and advertising their soaps, just to be fair!!

Danny and Genia are definitely two artists I love! (And I just put in for another order, I can't wait to try the Summer Garden bar, I am such a sucker for those wonderful intoxicating summer blooms.

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